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"Whilst ever hops grow on this earth.
Let not plain water mar our mirth."

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Who Are The Old Bastards?

We are an organisation based on fun, fellowship and joviality. Our main purpose though is to raise funds for a variety of worthy charities across Australia.

Children's charities, the fight against cancer, disaster relief - all these and more have been helped by the AOOB.

Our main sources of income are from the fund-raising efforts of our hard-working members - raffles, barbecues, race days, quiz nights and other fun stuff - and from our humble Life Memberships. Those cost only $15 and get you a badge, a membership card, and the pleasure of knowing you've become part of something special.

Our Branches are the active heart of the AOOB. Every Branch and every member can take pride in knowing that together we're helping improve lives. And having fun while we're at it! We'd love to hear from Old Bastards - you can call our head office every Friday between 8.30am and 2.30 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on (07) 5531 3362 or email us at:

Membership Qualifications

  1. Marital status of parents is irrelevant.
  2. Age is irrelevant - it is sufficient to have been acclaimed at least once by friends as an Old Bastard.
  3. Drinking habits must be hearty and jovial, whatever the drink of choice.
  4. On encountering other OB's one must administer a hearty slap on the back, together with the cheerful greeting "Hello, you Old Bastard!"
  5. Membership card or badge must be carried at all times. Failure to produce same when challenged by another OB incurs a penalty of one round of drinks.

If you feel you can live up to these conditions and be known as a good Old Bastard visit our Membership page. $15 will get you Life Membership, a personalised card and a keyring badge.

News & Events


Cav’s Steakhouse is the venue for the Christmas lunch on Friday 1 December 12 noon for 12.30pm. RSVP and enquiries to Radley O’Donnell -