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"Whilst ever hops grow on this earth.
Let not plain water mar our mirth."

AOOB Membership Application

You are one step closer to becoming a member of an organization based on fun, fellowship and joviality coupled with fund raising for children’s charities. The way you can best help with this fund raising from the outset is to join up a mate or two. Please encourage your friends and family to visit the AOOB website and complete the application form*.

Please complete the forms and return with $15.00 per new member to A.O.O.B. at P.O. Box 2686, Southport. Qld. 4215. As you are, so they too will become a card carrying Old Bastard ‘for life’, free from the payment of any further annual subs.

Don't hesitate just because you don't have someone to nominate or second your application - we are happy to provide this assistance through Head Office.

If you require an updated membership card the cost will be only $10.00 PROVIDED you can supply your original membership number. Please bear in mind that all records prior to 2003 were kept in numerical order and there are some 60 foolscap journals with over 348,000 entries so it may be nigh on impossible to try and locate your original number. We will certainly endeavour to assist where possible but the good news is if you are unable to supply the original membership number you are most welcome to rejoin.

* If you're having trouble downloading our form, please right click on the link and select "Save As".